About Troy

East Palo Alto native Troy Davis began his art journey from being inspired by his father and grandmother who are visual artists as well. As a child, Troy would draw cartoon characters, basketball players, and people inside of magazines. Later in high school he would be involved in graffiti classes which led to a teen mural assistant job with the Mural Music and Arts Program. As he became more interested in art making, drawing and painting started becoming more of an outlet for him.  During this time he would grow as an artist and start discovering his voice. 


His experience as an artist comes from years of practice and being a part of dozens of murals inside and outside the community of East Palo Alto. Troy’s art is distinct in its centering of culture and embodies the beauty of his community. 


 His art is inspired from several different sources which include African American culture, his Christian faith, graffiti, hip hop, basketball and art styles such as realism, cubism, pop art, and surrealism. He works in mediums like Photoshop, Illustrator, acrylic paint, and mixed media. His use of bold and vibrant colors allow him to express what he wants to say with his art. 

Troy’s approach to artwork can vary in themes such as the spontaneity of multilayered portraits, social justice, music, and sports.  

Troy Davis is a professional illustrator with a degree in illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. He also works on design projects such as logos, and t-shirt designs. He lives and works in Fremont, California and continues to grow in his artistry daily.