Infographic for Leaders of Tomorrow - LOT is a non profit organization that focuses on raising mental health awareness. The objective of this infographic was to present and remind individuals of ten different ways that they can stay mentally healthy. During this process I created rough drafts of each scenario. After receiving feedback from the staff, I made final changes and this was the result. This infographic was also converted into individual pictures to be shared on social media. 



Branding Stickers for EPACenter Arts - EPACenter Arts is a non profit organization in East Palo Alto, California that provides art classes for children. The stickers above represent some of the classes that are being offered to the local youth.  The process of creating these stickers involved me creating rough drafts of children doing various activities such as dancing, art making, and singing. Afterwards I received feedback from the EPACenter staff and youth. Finally I completed these four illustrations which were turned into stickers and passed out at local events.

Word of Peace International Ministry Flyer

Flyer for Word of Peace International Ministry